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UPVC Doors and Locks

UPVC Door and Window Locks and Mechanisms

We are a 24hr Emergency locksmith business covering all aspects of domestic and commercial locksmith requirements.

Upvc doors and windows are popular because of the low-maintenance and multiple choice of product range associated with Upvc, unfortunately the lock or mechanism can need adjusting over time. The Multipoint Lock as it is known can be made up of a combination of bolts, hooks and rollers on the edge of the door, which all engage into keeps in the door frame once the handle is lifted, then locked with a key 'Kev Patterson the lock doc' are Specialists in all aspects of Upvc Door and Window Mechanisms, and can supply and fit all makes and various types of MPL locks.

Over time, due to movement within the door you might notice that the handles are becoming harder to operate, needing greater force to lift the handle up, forcing the bolts into their keeps before locking occurs. We can resolve this quickly usually by making a few adjustments. If neglected, and by continually forcing up the handles, something inside the mechanism will break. 'Multi-point Locking Mechanisms' and 'Gearboxes' can be costly items to replace once they have failed completely, we can repair, supply and maintain Upvc door locks window locks, handles and mechanisms.

'Kev Patterson the lock doc' can also offer a wide variety of additional security for UPVc doors and windows. We can also repair, supply and maintain UPVc window locks, handles and mechanisms.

Did you know that most Insurers insist that all windows accessible from the ground, are required to have a lock fitted? Check that yours comply with your Insurers requirements, or they are unlikely to pay out, in the even of a break-in.

'Kev Patterson the lock doc' can also offer a wide variety of additional security for UPVc doors and windows, including 'snap locks' which can be fitted to the frame, and 'snapped up' to act as extra security against a door or window being forced. These are available in both 'locking' and 'non-locking' versions.

Newcastle Locksmith UPVC LocksMultipoint Locking Mechanism

Upvc, composite / wooden doors are usually secured by a Multipoint Locking Mechanism. Which consists of several locking points, either hooks, bolts or rollers, which lock into there receivers on the door frame. The Upvc Door Lock is usually operated by the handles and the whole thing locked by means of a key.

Because of their nature, the slightest misalignment of the door or the receivers in the frame, can cause the Multipoint Locking Mechanism to become stiff, which leads to extra wear and tear and possibly failure.

Kev Patterson the lock doc can also upgrade older, lower security Multipoint Locking Mechanisms, to new higher, security versions at the fraction of the cost of a new door.

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Problems with your Windows and Doors - Need your Patio or Front Door Adjusting? Sick of it not Closing? Same problem with a window? Kev patterson the lock doc Locksmiths are Upvc Repair Specialists.

We carry in stock a range of the most common parts and can rectify most problems on our first visit. If not all upvc parts can be sourced within 24 hrs.

All Upvc Doors, Windows, Patios, Conservatories, repaired, serviced or adjusted, no job to small! Call us now...

Kev Patterson the lock doc tel 07766086008 or 01914225381 We can also fit internal Letterbox covers, which are a discreet way of preventing 'Key Fishing', which is where the burglar uses a tool to hook keys and other valuables, left near the inside of the door.

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