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Locks and Lock Types

British Standard BS3621 5 Lever Mortice Locks

Newcastle Locksmith Standard LocksUpgrade the security of your external doors with a BS3621 5 Lever Mortice Lock. These type of locks are recommended by insurance companies as the minimum standard of security for wooden doors.If you have 3 or 5 lever locks on your front or back doors you should speak to your insurance provider or refer to your policy as your insurance may be invalid should you have to make a claim. Each mortice lock is professionaly fitted by Kev Patterson the lock doc. The lock is fitted into the door and the steel keep or striker is rebated into the door frame.If more keys are required we cut them for you while onsite and check each key in the lock so that they are guaranteed to work.

Cylinder Rim Locks (Yale Locks)

yale locks newcastleMost wooden front door and internal door locks are cylinder locks, commonly known as 'Yale' locks, after one of the leading brands. Cylinder rim locks are mounted on the surface of the inside of the door with a connecting cylinder, which is fitted into the door with the keyhole on the outside.

Restricted cylinders provide physical protection against unauthorized key duplication, ensuring extra security to your property. A restricted key guarantees a key can only be cut with the authorization of the owner.

Window Locks

Window Locks NewcastleOne in three burglaries is through a window. Consider fitting high visibility window locks on all ground floor windows and easily accessible windows such as those next to flat roofs and drain pipes, so if a burglar breaks the glass the window locks will mean they still cannot open the window and risk injury climbing in through broken glass.

Remember not to leave the keys on show in the window locks. If you have Window Locks but no keys we can supply keys to fit your existing locks or replace with new locks.

Additional Door Security

Door Seciruty NewcastleTo Beef up the existing security of your home does not cost a fortune and acts as a visual deterant some of the various types include:

  • Door chains & Restrictors
  • Rack Bolts
  • Sash Jammers
  • Spy Holes
  • Hinge Bolts
  • Patio Door Locks
  • Birmingham & London Bars
  • to name but a few

Kev Patterson the lock doc will supply and fit any type of Lock or Additional security to suit your buget and give you extra peace of mind.

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Locked Yourself Out?

You would be surprised how easy & how many people find themselves locked out of there property or vehicles, a gust of wind, rushing to get to work or the kids to school, leaving your keys in another bag or coat the list is endless and it can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender, it can be annoying but mostly frustrating, the main thing is not to panic and make rash decisions, with a rapid response time 30 to 60 minuets Kev Patterson the lock doc can get you back in with minimal fuss and no stress to yourself. Read more.

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