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Locked Yourself Out?

You would be surprised how easy & how many people find themselves locked out of there property or vehicles, a gust of wind, rushing to get to work or the kids to school, leaving your keys in another bag or coat the list is endless and it can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender, it can be annoying but mostly frustrating, the main thing is not to panic and make rash decisions.

With a rapid response time 30 to 60 minuets Kev Patterson the lock doc can get you back in with minimal fuss and no stress to yourself, using the latest non destructive entry techniques and equipment of which there are many, Kev Patterson the lock doc will only damage a lock as a last resort (if the lock itself is defective) so don't be tempted to break in yourself "BREAK" being the operative word.

As non destructive entry specialists we will save you money in the long run as in all cases where the customer has attempted to gain entry themselves it has cost them more to replace locks, glass or handles whereas Kev Patterson the lock doc would of gained entry NDE without any damage to your property not only saving you money but also extra time and work.

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